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Thursday, May 07, 2009


Good news! The Christmas record has been completed after much hard work in plenty of time for its release in September. We're calling it "How Many Kings". We'll likely add ":a Christmas album", or something like that to the title to better describe the record's contents. Marketing. It's important. So I have to say that the record sounds like Downhere, and it sounds like Christmas... kind of a Christmassy, Downherey type deal - with a couple of stylistic surprises. There are epic moments, quiet moments, lighter moments - everything to suit the many moods of the Christmas season. Usually, after we finish a record, I'll send it to my family and some close friends. But this time it's different. If some other artist said me "hey I just finished my Christmas record, wanna hear it?" I think I'd be inclined to respond "hey, um, I'm really happy for you, but let me enjoy the summer and fall first... but I CAN'T wait to hear it!" But truthfully... I can wait. And so must you, my friends, and even my family.