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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cruise/Marc Update

For those of you who may have missed our Twitter updates after the cruise, we want to assure you that Marc did make it back into the U.S. quite easily. More easily than he should have I'm sure but when you pray for something for so long I guess that's what happens.

Marc approached the customs agent and started to dig his passport out of his bag. While he was doing this she asked if he was carrying any fruit or vegetables into the U.S. He said no then without seeing any ID or asking any more questions she dismissed him. He was through quicker than any of us!

He did eventually receive his paperwork yesterday. So if we want to leave the country again anytime soon we'll now be OK.

So thanks again for your prayers. Things worked out great and Jason was quite happy we didn't have to put on the Jason Germain show although I'm sure he would have done great!

Here's a pic of our group. We were happy to have our friends Algernon and Teryn join us. It sure made for lot of laughs!! You may notice Jeremy's wife Erin is missing. We really missed having her out with us but she was quite busy with their little Liam at home and only a few weeks away from baby number two arriving.


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