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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Video Shoot

I'm typing this at 1:47pm CST after waking up about 30 minutes ago. And I'm still feeling pretty tired.

Yesterday's music video shoot turned into an all-night affair. Our producer/director Andy flew in from NYC yesterday morning and started shooting around noon. We finished sometime around 5:30AM I think!!

If you are out of the loop about this first go to www.downhere.com. Then go back there once a day so it never happens again. So, we just filmed a video for our song "The More" which is the first track on our new album "Wide-Eyed and Mystified". It's the first music video we've ever done so we are really excited to see the end result.

I'm not sure how long it will be till it's completed now but we will let you know as soon as we do!

My highlights from the video: since you have to exaggereate everything on film, everyone was pretty entertaining to watch. Jer was flailing quite a bit and Marc was . . . well, himself. He's a natural. That guy was born for this. Andy got some really great shots of Marc's performances. A shot of Jay singing in the bridge looked really cool, hope it gets used. And though I never got to see my own footage I look forward to seeing that. I kind of felt like a monkey in a cage doing tricks for everyone. It's actually a little scary. But, once I decided not to care it was not big deal.

So there you go, some thoughts on the music video. Here's a couple of pics too. There are more pics at our website too.

Our road manager and make-up artist for the shoot, Jessica, also posted about the shoot on her blog. So check that out too!!


Friday, June 09, 2006

Long Overdue Update

Well we are back from . . . . . . . . it seems like everywhere, but most recently Denmark. The last couple of weeks went great. To those of you who purchased our CD the week it came out, thank you!! That first week is so important to a band. And for those of you who still don't have it . . . what are you waiting for???

We had a lot of fun on the west coast during release week. We rented an RV for a bunch of it and got to travel along the coastal highway between San Luis Obispo and Santa Clarita twice, which was beautiful. If you ever get the chance to drive out there do it. I can't wait to bring my family some day.

We have really been enjoying playing the new songs. It's great to add some freshness to our set. While on the west coast we visited and played at a bunch of different radio stations and stores ending up at Spirit West Coast - Del Mar. Del Mar is just outside of San Diego. So while we were there Marc, Dave and I got the opportunity to do some surfing. That was my second time and man is it fun . . . and tiring. Especially when the undertow is so strong.

Actually the day we surfed was the same day we played at a church in Carlsbad. The interesting thing about this church is that the father of two Switchfoot members pastors it. So while we were there they were of course advertising a Switchfoot show coming up. It would be pretty cool to be in the youth group at that church I bet! We had a great time there. We played the Saturday night service and two services on Sunday morning. Our host families were wonderful!!

Man, there's a lot to catch up on. Sorry we've been so long in posting here.

After that we took off to Alabama for a Student Life camp. This isn't the kind of 'camp' that you would normally think of. This one had over 1000 people there and the living conditions are pretty good for the week. We led worship all week, once in a while interjecting some of our songs. We love playing these camps and had fun getting to know the students while we were there.

From Alabama we drove to Atlanta then flew to Denmark. Those European crowds sure know how to rock. We need them to come here to give us some lessons. We played a two-hour show for between 2000 and 3000 people and had so much fun. The sun only goes down for a few hours at night this time of year there so the whole experience of being messed up for sleep, not knowing the language, and night never really coming really made it all feel pretty surreal.

So now we are home. A short break before a few more shows. We will soon be recording a music video for "The More". So we will try to keep you in the loop with that too.

Until next time . . .