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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time to move!

We have started blogging over at myspace now too and soon when you click on the link from our web site you will be directed there. So it looks like our days on blogger will be coming to a close. It may not be as pretty to look at but many more people will read it which is great. So come visit us on myspace and check out our blog there.

If you happen to be one of the very nice people who links to our blog please change the link to this:




Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend Of Travel

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well... I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know what's going on with us. We're currently in Concord, NH where we are playing at the Inside Out Soul Festival - it's a great festival (one of our favorite) and we had a great time yesterday playing twice - once at the top of a ski hill (we actually had to take the guitars up on a ski lift!) and once on a late-night stage. Today we play on the mainstage early afternoon (although it's looking pretty wet right outside right now - I feel bad for those sleeping in tents!) before racing off to the airport to fly out to San Jose, CA to play at Spirit West Coast Monterey tomorrow.

Speaking of airports... we had a rough start to our crazy-travel weekend when we were delayed for 4 hours in Chicago (we sat on the tarmac in the plane for 3 of those hours) for lightening storms. We were supposed to arrive at our hotel at midnight - instead, we pulled up around 5:30am... it definitely made for a rough start.

So that's us, and that's what's going on - we'll get caught up with you more next week AFTER we get home on Sunday. Later - thanks for checking in!