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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Post-Morocco Update

Well, when they say "Don't drink the water," I guess they REALLY mean it. Aside from memories of it's beautiful scenery and unmeasured hospitality, Morocco left us another memorable parting gift. E. coli. Yep, the whipping child of gastro-intestinal illnesses. I contracted it, and so did Glenn and Dave, our prodution manager. Jason was very ill for 2 days after we got back, but we're pretty sure it was something different than what the rest of us got. But now at least I can say that I survived E. coli. I'm putting up a picture of me drinking the water that I believe gave me the bacteria. It was a tap-water refill, and I shouldn't have drank it. Someone handed it to me as I stepped off stage after our Sunday night performance. I'm almost all better now after an entire week of eating bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast -- so are Glenn and Dave. It's a boring diet, but it works. Once I've completely recovered from this I'm sure I'll look very fondly on my first time in Africa once again. I took about 800 pictures, so the trip is very well documented.

On a higher note, our second and final performance at the Friendship Festival was a blast. I admit, I was a little intimidated by the idea of communicating to the crowd in French (since I've never done that before), before our Friday night performance. But by the second one, I was pretty confident, and we all felt like the second concert went even better than the first one. We were the only straight-up rock band of the entire festival, so that definitely worked to our advantage. And the French-speaking really endeared us to the crowd, I think, so that was fun. And we've never played for a crowd of 60,000 before -- that was fun too. We made some new friends overseas, and hope to see them all again, maybe next year.

Now on to the next thing... the album release tour on the West Coast! I can't tell you how stoked were are about the new songs. Plus, we miss California... it's been too long. Later!


Friday, May 05, 2006

A quick update from Morocco

Well this is our third full day in Morocco. Already we have gone for a carriage ride through the Medina (downtown, kind of), rode camels, made a trecherous trip to visit a Berber village and had supper with the regional president. Here are a few pictures to help tell the story. Today the festival starts. We play tonight and on Sunday.