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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Jesus in Hollywood

Hey everyone! We got home from Indiana a couple of days ago (we played at Grace College, home of the acronyms - I wonder if they ever discovered the acronym I left on the Student Union whiteboard...) and are getting ready to head out tomorrow morning for PA where' we'll be playing in Allentown Saturday night - lots of driving this weekend!

A couple of things for you to look at:

1. We have recently started a www.myspace.com page - make sure you stop by and check it out. We're currently just building up our friends list, but we'll be posting stuff there from time to time as the recording process starts. Come be our friend!

2. I posted the other day on my personal blog about an article I came across this week concerning Jesus in Hollywood - I'd love to hear your thoughts. Check it out at www.jeremythiessen.com.

That's it - hope you're doing well. Have a great week - we'll keep you in the loop as production stuff comes together for the next record. We covet your prayers!


Thursday, August 18, 2005


I can waterski on one ski now! Yes! This is something I have wanted to be able to do since I was a kid at our summer cottage watching my Uncle Al ski behind our little 50HP boat. We were able to spend a couple of days with some friends in Muskegon, Michigan before we played at Unity Fest. They hooked us up! We went for a swim in Lake Michigan just as it was getting dark, we water skied, we ate bratwurst, we played video games and we slept. I should tell you that Jeremy and Marc also had the opportunity to ski on one ski and pulled it off pretty quickly. Quicker than me anyway.
Unity Fest was a great festival. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage that night with jeremy Camp and Toby Mac. Quite a treat to be put on the same night as those guys. Toby even sat down and ate his supper with us. It's always nice to see the more seasoned/popular artists do that. That is one thing we always want to strive to do no matter how seasoned or popular we are.
In other business . . . You may have noticed our web site was down for a couple of days and still hasn't fully recovered. Well we have switched servers which was the cause of the problem. So for all of you who are in the know as far as computers and sites and code and blah blah blah you know this isn't quite as simple as most people may think. I think we are through the worst of it now and we are going to be taking a meeting very soon to start discussing a new web design and when that will all take place. We are also still in the hunt for the right producer. We have talked to a few and even came close to starting recording but we are still in need of a song or two as well as a confirmed producer.
Anyway, that's what's going on with me and us. Hope to see you soon!!!


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Kingdom Bound 2005

As it started to rain in the middle of our set at Kingdom Bound this past weekend, I was inspired in the moment to share about my love for weather from stage. I love thunderstorms, rain and really any natural phenomenon that is beyond my control or really understanding. It's still magic. I have a bookmark on local doplar radar on my web browser and my favorite channel is the weather channel. I'm almost annoying on this point, the guys can atest. As I spoke from stage, the reason why I'm so fascinated by weather is because it reminds me that I'm not in control, that I live on a planet that has Gods finger prints all over it, and that however well manipulated my self made isolation chamber becomes...."You never know when lighting could strike." Had I the opportunity to experience a thunderstorm for the first time without being conditioned to their normalcy, I would be sure to believe the whole world was coming to an end. So maybe every time it rains, a piece of me deep down really thinks the world is ending; that as the rain stops, the sun reveals a re-creation. For me, thunder storms plead the case for redemption. As the Kingdom Bound attendants scrambled to cover speakers, and get instruments under cover, many of us sang together "Because I'll never, Hold a picture of the whole horizon, in my view...because I'll never rip the night into it makes me wonder, who am I? who am I? and great are You!" God is great at making himself a knowable mystery, especially through the pictures painted in nature. He's still magic. --Jason Germain