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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Today we are on our way to Winnipeg after playing the 4th of 11 shows with Michael W. Smith across Canada over the next two weeks. So far we've had great shows in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. Here's what we've got left:

May 5 - Winnipeg, MB
May 6 - Winnipeg, MB
May 7 - Saskatoon, SK
May 8 - Red Deer, AB
May 10 - Kelowna, BC
May 11 - Vancouver, BC
May 12 - Victoria, BC

This is a historic tour for us: it marks the first time we will be joined by family on an extended tour in the bus. We are excited to have Glenn's wife and 2 boys out with us - it will definitely add a new dynamic to life on the bus.


In case you missed it, Jeremy, Erin, and Liam welcomed Karis Joy into their home on March 8th. She is healthy and fat (funny how those those things go together in our early years). Liam is still warming up to the idea of having to share the spotlight, and Erin is reminiscing about the good old days when sleep was a reality. Thanks to all for your thoughts, prayers, and gifts on the road.


We are currently working on a new studio album which will release late this year (hint: being a last-minute Christmas shopper may actually pay off this year!). The first radio single "You're Not Alone" from the yet-to-be-named album will be available for download May 11th via all digital outlets. Click here to listen to a sneak peek of the song. Make sure you call and thank your local radio station when you hear it on the air.


We have a very busy summer festival schedule and hope to see you out there at some point. Here is a semi-comprehensive list of where we'll be:

Frenzy Festival - Edinburgh, Scotland - June 12
Fuel Festival - Ballymena, Northern Ireland - June 12
Atlanta Fest - Atlanta, GA - June 17
Creation NE - Shirleysburg, PA - June 30
Spirit Westcoast - Salina, CA - July 3
LifeFest - Oshkosh, WI - July 10
Hills Alive - Rapid City, SD - July 18
Creation NW - Enumclaw, WA - July 22
Kingdombound - Darien Lake, NY - Aug. 3
Inside Out Soul Festival - Gilford, NH - Aug. 4
Rock the Desert - Midland, TX - Aug. 6
Rock the River West - Surrey, BC - Aug. 7
Unity Festival - Muskegon, MI - Aug. 12
Downpour Festival - Great Falls, MT - Aug. 14
Rock the River West - Calgary, AB - Aug. 21
Rock the River West - Edmonton, AB - Aug. 28
Rock the Light Festival - LaCygne, KS - Sept. 3
Lifelight Festival - Worthing, SD - Sept. 5

We are discussing some ways we can make our short time at each festival even more memorable for you - make sure to stay tuned as we figure that out! (On a sidenote: if you have a connection with a private jet and pilot who would consider it an adventure to donate their time and resources for the summer, please email us - we'd love to talk with him/her. I jest... sort of.) Keep your eyes open for some money-saving opportunities in the upcoming weeks as we partner with these festivals.


To help tide you over until the new album comes out, we're excited to release at festivals this summer a 2-disc project called "Two At A Time: Sneak Peeks and B Sides". This is an album of - you guessed it! - sneak peeks of the new album as well as some never-before released songs (if you were a participant in one of our past listening parties you may recognize some of these tunes). This will only be available online and at our merch table, so make sure you come by to pick it up and say hi!


If you haven't heard yet, Glenn has been working on a side project with Kalyn, an old family friend. The result is "Under Skies", a vibey folk record that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Click here to download the album from iTunes - or just visit www.harktheherons.com to see what's new.

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Blogger Jay said...

Hi guys,

I'm really looking forward to your new album this year! I think I WILL be asking for it as a Christmas gift... I really love the sample of your new track and look forward to more. You guys rock!

Congratulations Jeremy!

(Hope to see you guys at Darien Lake this summer!)


2:24 PM  
Blogger texasnascarcowgirl said...

YESSSSS! Rock the Desert is awesome and I am so glad to get to see ya'll again. I hope you do a meet and greet or something like that. My kids are really excited to hear y'all play.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Jéssica Prado said...

Comes to Brazil,
Michael W. Smith estrá em June in Brazil, Comes too,
Deus abençoe vc's
God Bless!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Carrisa said...

Can you tell me when Two At A Time will be available online for download? Desperate fan here.


2:58 PM  

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