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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Newsletter Update - Foundation, Tour, New Album, Photoshoot

Here's a copy of our latest email update. To join the list click here.

Hi! Sorry our emails have been so spoardic as of late. We'll do better leading up to the release of this next record later this year. It's been a busy last few months as you'll soon discover (if you make it through to the end of this newsletter). We've finished the album (nearly), had a photoshoot, commenced our spring tour, and tried to fit in some time with our families as well (Glenn and his wife Sherri are expecting their 3rd boy any day now!). On that note... I was reflecting the other day on the number of kids that have been added to the downhere family since the release of "Ending is Beginning" - Liam, Karis, and Bram have all been born since September 2008 (you could also count Owen who was born to our ex sound guy Dave). That's 5 kids born to 3 families since our last album - in pregnancy terms, we're LONG overdue for a new album!


If you have been a long-term friend and subscriber to our email list, you have heard us talk about the Downhere Foundation before. It was initially set up late 2009 to help provide a way for people to donate towards the purchase of a bus (thanks to you we were able to buy a 1998 Prevost Coach). What you may not know is that the fund has been open and in operation since then with the primary purpose being paying for the maintenance and upkeep the bus requires.

Any time you buy a used vehicle you are bound to come across little things that need to be fixed/repaired/updated. A bus is no different - what IS different is the cost (a new tire is about $700). This past year has been fairly costly as we've rebuilt the engine ($18,000), had to do some work on the cooling system ($5,000), and done the regular upkeep. Thankfully we had a good amount of money saved up in the Foundation after the purchase of the bus to cover most of these expenses that we KNEW we'd run into at some point. However, after last year the coffers are running low and we wanted to present to you the need in case you were interested in contributing to the operational costs of our ministry.

Please don't feel any pressure here - the Lord has sustained us for the last 10+ years though thick and very thin, and we trust He will continue to do so. But if you are looking for an opportunity to partner with us, this would be a great "nuts and bolts" way to do so (pun intended). Just click here and enter your donation amount. You may want to commit to making a monthly donation (you'll have to set your own reminder every month) or simply make a one-time gift. Either way, you will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year for whatever you give.

If you can't give, we would appreciate your continued prayers. We are putting countless hours in on the road every month and we truly believe it is the prayers of our families, friends, and fans that keep bringing us back home safely every weekend. Thanks so much - as always, we look forward to seeing you in our travels!


We are currently on the road with our good friends Rush of Fools on our spring tour. It's been great so far - we've got another 13 stops before the tour wraps up. Here's where we'll be - come out and say hi!!

Apr. 7 - Henning, TN
Apr. 8 - Knoxville, TN
Apr. 9 - Charlotte, NC
Apr. 15 - Trenton, MO
Apr. 16 - Palos Park, IL
Apr. 17 - Worthington, MN
Apr. 27 - Madison, WI
Apr. 28 - Mequon, WI
Apr. 29 - Greenville, IL
Apr. 30 - Gallant, AL
May 1 - Louisville, KY
May 6 - Hardyston, NJ
May 7 - Quakertown, PA


This past weekend Marc announced at a show that our new studio album would be released "August Michael Jordan". It made complete sense to me - there was a time in my life when my bedroom walls were plastered with Michael Jordan posters! For those who have no idea who he is (basketball legend) or what number he wore (23), let me break it down for you: our new album will be in stores on August 23rd - mark your calendars!


You may have already seen all of the videos we've posted from the studio as we've been working on this new record, but if not, check out our YouTube channel and catch a sneak peak of some of the songs (and observe some in-studio silliness!).


We had fun with our new photoshoot a couple of weeks ago and took some period pictures that actually turned out REALLY cool. Here's a couple of shots to whett your appetite - it looks like we're the spitting image of our great grandfathers!


This year marks the second time downhere fans and friends will converge on Nashville for a weekend of fun, service, and all things downhere. Two years ago we had people in from all across North America and enjoyed some time together serving at a local distribution center and fellowshipping together. If you are interested in being a part of this year's festivities please click here.


We're thrilled to announce that we're going to be joined on tour this fall by Jason Gray and Aaron Shust. We've toured with both of these guys over the years, and consider them to be good friends. It will be an honor to share the stage together as we will ALL be playing and releasing brand new music this fall! It promises to be a fun, fresh tour with plenty of substance for you to chew on at the end of the night. We're still working on a catchy tour name, but regardless - make sure you come out and see us once the dates are announced!


Blogger Mark said...

A Jason Gray/Aaron Shust/downhere tour? You'd better to be coming to California. I will be there in a heartbeat.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Sounds amazing! I am so happy for you guys; sounds like a lot of blessings with additions to families and the upcoming new album. I really hope you are planning to make it to the Pacific Northwest when you head out on your tour! It'd be great to see you again!

3:48 PM  

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