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Friday, January 29, 2010

Downhere Newsletter January 26th


We need your help. This Sunday we will be flying down to Florida to get be a part of the 2010 KLOVE Music Cruise. Marc, one of our lead vocalists, is currently in the middle of applying for his Permanent Resident status (i.e. Green Card) and his travel papers from the government are 10 days overdue. This documentation will allow him to get back into the US when the ship arrives back in Florida - without these papers it is quite possible that the Immigration folks will not let him enter. We are obviously not willing to take this chance - so unless the proper documentation does not arrive by the time we leave Sunday morning Marc will not be joining us on the cruise.

How can you help? In one of two ways:

1. PRAY - "Nothing is impossible with God." We believe that and are asking you to pray that with us.

2. GO THROUGH YOUR ROLODEX - If you or someone you know has a connection with someone in the political world who could help expedite this process we would greatly appreciate your help. Please contact Jeremy at theband@downhere.com and he will coordinate with them.

We would obviously love to have Marc join us - only one other time in our 10-year career have we had to perform without Marc or Jason, and we would like to keep it that way. The K-LOVE folks have already expressed there understanding of the situation and for that we are grateful - however, we would understandably like to be able to give them and their listeners our best as a thank-you for their support over the years.

Thanks again for your support - we appreciate you joining with us in this!


Jeremy, Marc, Jason, and Glenn


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