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Friday, January 29, 2010

Downhere Newsletter January 29th


Good Friday morning to you! First of all, thank-you so much for your response regarding Marc's situation with his immigration paperwork. Thanks to two email recipients we were able to get help from the offices of Senator Thune (South Dakota) and Senator Shimkus (Illinois). There's good news and there's bad news: the paperwork was approved - that's the good news. The bad news is that it was put in the mail on Wednesday - so it is all in the hands of the US Postal Service now. We will know whether the Lord intends for Marc to join us if the paperwork arrives by noon on Saturday - if we miss that window chances are slim to none that we'll be able to get the necessary documentation to him while he's on the ship.

So that's the situation. Please continue praying - we're supposed to get hit with a snowstorm here in the south today and tomorrow - so pray that the USPS lives up to its "Rain or shine, the mail must go through!" reputation. We will give you an update tomorrow...

Thank-you SO much!

Jeremy, Marc, Jason, and Glenn


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