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Monday, June 27, 2005

New Record Coming!

Hi all! Man, we're not doing so well at keeping you updated here, are we... Well, since Glenn's last entry, I GOT MARRIED! :) So that's pretty big news... My wife's name is Erin, and she is the most wonderful woman ever. Yesterday was our six week anniversary, and we spent it at church (I drummed with the worship team, so we were at church from 7am to noon!), Costco, napping, eating leftovers, and enjoying cookies and ice cream while entertaining our first (and quite possibly only) guest in our apartment before we move into our new house in a couple of weeks.

So that's what's going on in my life - I suppose I should talk about the new record though, seeing as that's the title of this blog entry! Well you can continue praying for us - the ball is rolling, and things are moving, but still not quite as quickly as we would like. At this point we're in the hunt for a producer and want to start recording in August at the latest. We are probably a song or two short of having the full record, so you can pray for a couple more "hit songs". ;) Otherwise, things are looking good - we will continue touring as usual and will be announcing a co-bill fall tour in a week or so... should be pretty cool - they're a great band and a great bunch of guys (that's all the hints you're going to get - "a bunch of guys") so we're excited.

That's it for now - I've got to head out and get some husbandly duties done as well as band duties. Thanks so much for your prayers - make sure you check out the website and listen to our new podcast while you sign up for email newsletter... there should be one going out here soon! Thanks so much for stopping by - make sure you check out my blog at www.jeremythiessen.com as well as Glenn's. Have a great week!



Blogger supersimbo said...

i accidently found this blog..........didnt know it was here, i guess im a little out of touch with reality right now, looks cool anyway

3:18 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

It's new Ally - they just set it up.

Hey downhere guys! Updates! Updates! Come on Marc and Jay, tell us what you've been up to, give us a little ditty, amuse us with your wit during these hot summer days. Soon you'll be so busy you won't have the chance! Glenn and Jer, keep plugging away!

Will Dave and Jess be posting to this blog too?

6:43 AM  
Blogger supersimbo said...

yea cherith told me she knew about it ages ago!!doh! iv linked it now so i will check automatically when im online...............yea guys buck up!!

2:51 AM  

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