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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It's Still Cold!!

Well we have a bit of time at home before we embark on our little Ontario tour. Time at home is always welcome. Especially since my little 9 month old boy Jonah is changing so much week to week. He's just figuring out the whole walking thing. Today we put a margarine container on the couch and gave Jonah a ball. Then I backed up from the couch a few feet and Jonah just wanted to put the ball in the container so bad he would walk there on his own. It is very cool to watch a child learn and discover things.
Another thing I like to do with him while I'm home is take him out with me while I run. He's got a pretty sweet ride when it comes to running strollers thanks to the people Sherri used to work with. But man, it's near the end of March and there's still a bunch of snow here! Grrrrr. That means the sidewalk are not good for strollers and the trail I like to run on is doable by myself but with a stroller . . . forget it. I figured the cemetery would not be busy and the snow should be cleared so that's where we went yesterday. I think it's good to visit a cemetery every once in awhile. It helps me to remember where our Earthly shells end up. It also helps me to remember how important the time we have on Earth is. Plus it gives me a sense that yes there is a history. We are not the only ones who have ever lived. As silly as that sounds I think that's how a lot of us live. I know I have been. I think I've forgotten about history and how important it is for us to know how we got to where we are today. Part of this feeling is from listening to lectures about Islam by Dr. George Grant as well as reading a book called "In, Not Of" by Hugh Hewitt. I now have a good book list to start reading to hopefully gain an understanding of our history. Anyway, there's my rambling thoughts for the day!



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