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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's Jason's Birthday

Well seeing as today is Jason's birthday I thought I'd make my entry about Jason. So here's to you Jay!

Jason is the first guy I really got to know in Downhere. Before I joined the band Jason worked in a studio in Saskatchewan and worked on an album with the band I used to play in. We had some fun there and became friends. The thing I liked about Jason immediately was that he wasn't afraid of being goofy and he enjoys it when other people are too. So that works great for me!! Eventually I joined Downhere and in the first few months, since I knew Jay the best, he was the guy I talked to the most. Plus he was the only other guy married.
It didn't take long to figure out that Marc and Jay had a really strong friendship. I think it may have something to do with Marc and his goofy episodes. Post show in the van when we're on our own is usually when things get the weirdest. We say things that I'm sure nobody else would find funny but we are all just losing it laughing. That's when the goofiness is at it's peak.
So yeah, Jason likes to do strange things sometimes. I think it's to make us laugh but sometimes I think it's just for his own entertainment. For instance he has these van exercises that he likes to do. Although, it has been a while since I last saw them performed. Anyway, they are stationary exercises that can be done while just sitting in one position. They are a little bizarre to watch but they make me laugh and that's enjoyable.
Jason is also one of the most musically creative guys I know. Every once in a while he'll spice up something we're playing by changing his part and we're all like "What was that? That sounded stinkin cool!" He is also the king of figuring out cool crazy sounds on whatever instrument he is playing. If you've seen us play live then you know what I'm talking about. There's one part in a song where he's got some strange combination of effects and then he knocks on his guitar! Anyway, it sounds good.
Also, when it comes to Jason's brain, I never know where it's at. He is definitely a thinker. He's often thinking about stuff none of us get and he thinks about things in different ways than I ever do. It's really great to have such different people all working together in Downhere. I think that is how the body of Christ is designed to work.
Well that should give you a little bit of insight into Jason's life. If you get a chance make sure you say happy birthday to him!!



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