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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Invisible Children

Yesterday afternoon, I actually took time out of my day to sit down and watch the Oprah Winfrey show. I never watch Oprah, but I had to yesterday because of the guests she had on. No it wasn’t Tom and Katie. She was focusing her entire live show on the unbelievable events that are happening in Africa right now. In particular she helped shine a spotlight on a group of 3 guys from Southern California who are really making an impact in Uganda.

About 2 months ago we were at a youth conference and I was able for the first time to see an independent documentary short film called Invisible Children. The film was created by 3 college students who had no real plan other than to go to Africa and try to see what they could see. When they finally made it to northern Uganda they found their story. They found thousands of children who were forced to walk up to 10 miles every night into town to find a safe place to sleep. If they stayed at home in the country they would be abducted by a radical militant group and be forced to kill their own neighbors and sometimes their own family. If they resisted at all they would be killed or brutally maimed. The little girls have also been used as sex slaves. Over 20,000 children have been abducted so far. This film is incredibly powerful and very well done. It tells a story that must be told. These 3 guys upon returning home decided that they needed to get the word out and take action. They quickly created an incredible campaign and loaded up 7 rv’s with their friends to go spread the word across North America. They have been stopping at hundreds of locations and showing the film then asking people to act in whichever way they can. We actually just 2 days ago randomly ran in to one of the groups while we were waiting in a parking lot in downtown Atlanta. They were a great group and are really working hard to make a difference over there.

This Saturday in over 130 cities thousands of people will be gathering in their downtown to sleep there just as these children in Uganda do every night. I personally feel and I know the rest of the guys do, that this is a very worthy cause to align ourselves with. If you want to find out more about this group and how to get involved please visit www.invisiblechildren.com This is something that God’s people need to be involved in. We can’t ignore these problems anymore. I hope that the next time I actually sit down to watch Oprah it will be to see how much has changed for the good over there and how much God’s people have been a part of it.



Blogger Kathryn said...

wow. .Dave. that post was very timely. I just watched E.R. tonight -- it focused on Darfur, its 2000000 displaced persons, the machete-toting, Kalashnikov rifle- using brutes who rape, murder and loot their way across the country on horseback, jeep or anything else they can steal. I said to Rob "I could never go to a place like that. . I just don't have the guts."

So, we donate quite a bit to World Vision, sponsoring and supporting their various crisis calls for funds. . we're part of "Make Poverty History" and we sent the emails to the policitians. . We pray.

Honestly i don't know what else to do. I've found a website about a foundation run by 2 American missionaries, Heidi and Roland Baker. . Iris Ministries. . a friend sent me a DVD with Heidi giving a prophetic word to a church somewhere in the states. . wow, was that a powerful thing to watch -she talked so much of their life in Africa. There are e-journals on Iris Ministries website. . I'm going to read them. . there are opps to get involved in their ministry.

i think when you guys to go Morocco you may have more of a feeling connectedness to that continent. . sometimes that's what's tough for me anyway - having any kind of a way to relate. . the problems seem so HUGE and its happening so far away that I can't seem to really feel it in my gut. . I feel so removed.

8:26 PM  
Blogger gloria jean said...

I will be attending the Global Commute with some friends this Saturday in San Jose, California. Thanks for posting. The world needs to know about this!

11:33 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

thanks for sharing that, dave. we only expected about 150 people for the GNC in san luis obispo, but over 600 people signed up and came! it's so great to see things like Invisible Children in this world. im glad downhere is joined up with world vision and spreadin the word!

3:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

global international development has a different view on IC--


11:30 PM  
Anonymous Luciana said...

last year I read a book who made me cry in every page. just to think about the pain a milion of children are passing through with in the in a place of war and misery is hard.

but Kathryn, we can also pray for those people. and support those who decided face that reality and make the difference. A friend of mine will go to Africa this year, and I know he will make his best to show God's love e and help them somehow.

forgive my english, write so much in portuguese makes me forget how to write well in english.

4:50 PM  

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