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Thursday, March 23, 2006

from the road in Quebec

I am typing this blog at a coffee shop in Montreal just down the street from our venue. And nobody around me is speaking english. I love that for some reason. I suppose I may not love it if nobody spoke english anywhere but it's nice to be in foreign environments once in a while. Plus with our trip to Morocco coming up I'm trying to relearn the French that I once learned in school. French is the second language there so at least we have one guy who will be able to communicate with them!

Tonight we are at a club here in Montreal with The Silent (great guys, great band) and Onlyforward. Another great band which is fronted by Marc's brother Dave. It's not the usual church gig which is nice for a change, however, the smokey room is not a nice change. I forgot about that part of the deal. Oh well.

All night drive to New Brunswick tonight. Yippee! I was hoping to recover from a sore throat. Guess that won't be happening.

Anyway, there's a quick update. We will check in with you later!!



Blogger laura said...

Ah, le Québec...c'est le fun...
Just wanted to thank all for the Cambridge concert. Saw you guys in Grand Rapids last year and, phew (la tragédie!), just wasn't the same without Canadian love. Enjoy the tour!

4:49 PM  
Blogger Krista said...

Ick. Sorry you have to suffer in the smoke bro. I'm so thankful that we no longer have to deal with that in our small corner of the world.

Twas a great show in Cambridge. I have a renewed appreciation for how much of what you do is really hard work. Nice WV presentation too:) All you boys were on! And hat's off to Dave, Jess and Erin too! Everyone works so hard to make your shows come together.

Hope you've been watching Greg the Bunny while yer on the road. Yes, it is good. :)

7:48 PM  
Anonymous gabz said...

as to the smoke no matter where you play next year it won't matter because on may 31st smoking will be banned in all public buildings in quebec! it's going to be tough for buisness with the bars but, i say we've got enough bars anyways... oh and one more thing, next time you guys come to la belle province, please play an all ages show? you guys have an awesome message and it's a shame for people to have to miss it because they're not 18... but in any case thanks for the visit! hope to see you guys around again soon.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Yes it was an excellent show in Cambridge this year. I especially enjoyed it because it was my birthday and I won a guitar.

By the way my 11 year nephew is noe the proud owner of that guitar. He and his buddies just started a garage band for a talent show at school. So now he will be able to be the star.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Jonah gave me a really cool birthday gift he said in one breath practically Happy Birthday Bennett on the phone to me. I think Sherri, your mom and I almost passed out by shock. He is so awesome.

Good luck with the rest of your tour. It was nice to see all the guys again and to meet Erin, what a really nice lady.

Travel mercies on you all and your in my prayers.

10:35 PM  

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