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Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Couple of Days Off...

"Day off"? What is that? That's something my wife and I are wrestling with. This week we have a few days off, but Tuesday we played in the rain out at Debate 08 in Nashville - so much for a day off (it might have been easier to swallow if it wasn't raining so hard out that hardly anyone was there... but no one could have expected that). I'm looking forward to just hanging out at home today (after running a few errands this morning) taking care of my sick, pregnant wife. We hit the road again to Arkansas on Saturday for a show before having nearly two weeks off - that's going to be glorious! We may disappear off the radar for some of that time... and if we do, just be praying for lots of rest. Thanks!


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Anonymous mikeh said...

I saw the movie "The Imposter" this weekend in Ft Worth and heard some of your songs. Pretty cool. Hope you get to see the movie.

12:36 PM  

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